Moving blends in various spaces and activities together. The clear distinction among home, work, and play space will change, as mobility becomes more than going from A to B, but can offer different layers of activities to take place simultaneously.


  • Joyce Moore Design Researcher, designaffairs
  • Mattawan Sutjaritthanarak Design Researcher, designaffairs
  • Antonia Meißner Design Researcher, designaffairs

In this future, mobility has been strongly rewritten by omnipresent and ubiquitous connectivity as boundaries and spaces merge on a functional and emotional level.

The ability to instantly and seamlessly move through cities and be part of this ultra-connected information technology network will deeply question the relationship between traditional spaces such as (1) home, (2) work, and (3) being on the move.

In this future, mobility is still one of the most prominent concepts for overcoming distance. However, the boundaries between work, leisure and mobility will strongly blur into one another – seeming almost indistinguishable.

Autonomously moving modules will no longer require an attentive and dedicated driver.

Equally, relaxation and intellectual work will no longer need a specific space as the home becomes a functional mode of in-between for people to rest and recharge.

This ability to choose when, where, and how you want to work offers enormous time independence for citizens. To participate within this global network, criteria such as personal responsibility, initiative, flexibility, mobility, and creativity have become crucial aspects of society – forming a renewed sense of freedom.

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