Future environmental & public health challenges will continue to raise safety questions beyond the traffic one. Health of individuals will play a more important role as mobility network becomes more interconnected.


  • Joyce Moore Design Researcher, designaffairs
  • Mattawan Sutjaritthanarak Design Researcher, designaffairs
  • Antonia Meißner Design Researcher, designaffairs

Mobility and travelling for that matter is not only about time, convenience and entertainment but also about protection and safety. Like our home, mobility is becoming an interconnected organism albeit accessible to the public.

Potentially frequent disease outbreaks re-question the initial mode of sharing, since commuting with non-private means of transportation involves new hygienic and systemic challenges. To work conveniently and feel comfortable during the rides, the transportation eco-system fulfills various standards. Protection within this eco-system has therefore extended beyond traffic safety. It is also about constant monitoring and adjusting real-time data with the public centers of health and the citizens’ personal assistants. An efficient network matches the gained data and automatically retraces rented vehicles and potential users whenever an infected person is monitored retrospectively. Potential outbreaks of diseases can therefore be controlled and avoided easily in advance. To guarantee aseptic means of transportation, every module is automatically cleared via steam pressure sterilization after usage. Entering an aseptic vehicle is only possible for a single person, two close people or a single household.

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