New product portfolio for leading Chinese consumer electronics company TCL

New product portfolio for leading Chinese consumer electronics company TCL

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Creating change in China’s white goods market. We accompanied TCL’s first steps into the highly competitive household appliances market in China with the innovative White Goods Series.

The new product portfolio is convincing, thanks not only to its award-winning design, but also its innovative features that guarantee hygiene, and reduce energy and water consumption. We consulted TCL throughout design and development, providing user insights, defining the brand and portfolio strategy, managing the usability and the user interface design, the industrial design, the CMFP design, and even on manufacturing support.

The Blue Button

Within just one month of the market launch, TCL’s “Big-Eye Crystal” washing machine became one of the top three best-selling devices on TaoBao – China’s largest e-commerce platform. Our research showed Chinese users had major concerns about the hygiene and cleanliness of washing machines in general, and distrust in existing technologies. We turned this finding into an efficient and convenient function for TCL: the Blue Button is a one-click sanitation feature which starts a quick cleaning program for the inner drum. An intense, high-temperature flush of water efficiently removes all dirt and bacteria within just a few minutes and prepares the machine for a hygienic laundry process.

Entering a highly competitive market

Because we understand Chinese culture, markets and user needs, TCL asked us to help as a strong player in white goods. In 2013 we started an intense collaboration to create change in the Chinese household industry. We worked closely with TCL to create an innovation based on deep understanding of consumer behavior, problems, desires and the user experience of household appliances.

New features

The key to success was a holistic approach to developing of this new product portfolio, involving an international team of experts in user insights, brand and portfolio strategy, usability, industrial design, CMFP design, UI design and manufacturing support. The 3D sensors, speed detecting and triangular positioning technologies allow users to monitor the washing progress remotely via wi-fi. As an innovation in CMFP, the beehive-shaped drum interior reduces fabric harm during washing. We also helped change the mindset of the TCL team – from a purely sales-oriented approach to one that provides real, tangible improvements for users’ everyday lives while delivering commercial success.

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