The transformation journey with the Flywheel Effect

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The transformation journey with the Flywheel Effect

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  • Nico Michler
    Nico Michler CEO, designaffairs

In the first part of this opinion piece, I explained the concept of product-and-platform enterprises and the tremendous growth opportunities the flywheel effect can generate for them. I now want to spend some time outlining how designaffairs as part of Accenture can help your company on its transformation journey to becoming a modern, connected product-and-platform business.

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels
Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

We have helped multiple clients across many industries with their reinvention journey.

At designaffairs, we are uniquely positioned to drive business growth for our clients. We have the ability, the technology and, most importantly, the people and the knowledge to help our clients become agile, customercentric, connected productandplatform businesses. With Accenture we can transform your organization and we have the ability to deploy, operate and scale your product portfolio to deliver better outcomesgrow your revenue, and lower your time to market and R&D costs 

Our track record is unrivalled. For example, ware building a fully connected product-and-platform business for the biggest realestate company in China, helping it drive new outcomes and services for increased sales. We have transformed a traditional coffeemaker into a service provider with connected products, backed by a platform that creates better outcomes and generates higher revenues.  

Wcan assist clients in all stages of their transformation journey, leveraging our cross industry expertise to help them drive new opportunities.  

How can we help you?

Firstly, wcan help you with a connectedproduct strategy. We will rethink your product structure and architectureincrease the value of your existing portfolio and show you how to drive innovation and design to develop new products and services. 

Nextwe work on the platform and ecosystem to help you on your journey. We help you develop the new business models you’ll need to get your new productandplatform ecosystem up and running. We enable your platform to build a digital developer network to start the flywheel effect. To reduce your timetomarket development we make your business more agile and more efficient by implementing new organizational processes at scale.

Photo by Slidebean on Unsplash
Photo by Slidebean on Unsplash

Smart, Connected-Product Design and Development

We help you in a number of ways to design, build and develop smart, connected products and services. Whether it’s adding sensors to an existing product to collect more data, looking at that data to drive better outcomes or maybe even creating brandnew products, we examine what makes your existing product smart and how to make it smarter 

Our multi-disciplinary team of industrial designers, electrical engineers, mechanical engineers, software engineers and digitalmarketing specialists can assist you by testing it, deploying it and operating it at scale.  

Product-Platform Engineering and Modernization

To help you build your productandplatform businesswe’ll advise you on the right kind of organization you need, the best operating model, the optimal monetization strategy and the best talent culture for your businessWe can help with tools and methodologies, and the best way of measuring the outcomes you are trying to drive, as well as the best way to deliver your platform to market at scale. Ultimately, we have the capabilities to help you accelerate the technology side of building your platform and ecosystem with you in order to get it to market as quickly and efficiently as possible 

Product As a Service Enablement

Once you have a modern product-and-platform modelwe can then examine the customer experience that you are looking to driveIn a modern product-and-platform company, customer experience is key. We can help you design selfhealing products that fix themselves without any need for call to customer support, overtheair updates to fix things before they even happen, analyzing usage pattern to predict problems in advance. In short, being proactive instead of reactive. And we can do all this because this is a managed service where we run your operations and support business for you as you focus on getting your products to market.  

Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash
Photo by Martin Sanchez on Unsplash

Modernizing Organizations

As I’ve already mentioned, this is ultimately all about helping you to modernize your organization. What does this mean in practiceIt means carrying out capability assessments, coming in and seeing where your business is at, identifying your current skill and capability gaps, and mapping all these against what you need to successfully make the transformation to an agile, modern, connected enterprise 

Once we conduct the assessment, we aim to deliver outcomes that you can take to market within three-to-four months. We do that by working handinhand with you as we fill the capability gaps you need to modernize your organization, getting you to the place you need to be to drive the scale and innovation you need to become a 21st-century product-and-platform enterprise. 

You can get the ball rolling by thinking about a few key questions. Whats your product strategy for the future? What enterprise platform do you want to bring to market? What kind of ecosystem do you want surrounding your platform to ultimately drive the new services and outcomes that will delight your customers? 

We’re here to help. We love to think big and we love to dare to imagine. Contact us today and let’s start the conversation that will get you on your journey to building smart, connected product and platforms. The flywheel effect is very real ─ and it’s waiting for you to benefit from it. Let’s talk! 

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